Every Question Is Biased, Hateful, and Rude to the Biased, Hateful, and Rude Man

Every Question Is Biased, Hateful, and Rude to the Biased, Hateful, and Rude Man
Screenshot:Facebook (Fair Use)

President Donald Trump, an American president who has demonstrated at every opportunity that he knows absolutely nothing about American government, has bristled at a 60 Minutes interview he deemed “unfair” because host Leslie Stahl dared ask him questions about America and its government.

Today, Trump released 38 minutes of interview footage on Facebook in order to get ahead of 60 Minutes airing the interview, instructing his disciples to “look at the bias, hatred and rudeness on behalf of 60 Minutes and CBS.”

Some examples of those biased, hateful, rude questions:

  • “Are you okay with some tough questions?”
  • “Everybody ready?”
  • “Can I start?”
  • “So we’ve had the pandemic on your watch, we’ve had racial strife, we’ve had [something that sounded like looting]. Why do you want this job? Why do you want to be president?”
  • “Are you going to say that you didn’t say this? Because I saw you say this.”
  • “So what just happened with the president?” (To Mike Pence after Donald Trump threw a fair, classy little fit and ran away from Stahl’s too tough questions.]

Some examples of the president’s unbiased, loving, polite answers:

  • “You don’t ask Biden tough questions. It’s terrible. You know that.”
  • “Because we’ve done a great job, and it’s not finished yet, and when I finish, this country is going to be in a position like it hasn’t been maybe ever.”
  • “When I watch [Joe Biden] walk out of a store… he’s a corrupt politician…and he’s walking with an ice cream. And question the media asks him, ‘What kind of ice cream?’”
  • “I think we have enough of an interview here. Let’s go.” [Five minutes before the scheduled end of the interview]

Later, the empty husk of Mike Pence was propped in a chair and its mouth moved to insist that the boss had done a great job. [Facebook, The New York Times]

Tonight’s debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden will feature a mute button held by an impartial viewer from the Commission on Presidential Debates to ensure that neither candidate (but mostly Trump) will not be allowed to interrupt, exceed his time, or throw a little tantrum if he believes his questions to be too difficult. The men will also be ensconced in plexiglass because, without naming names, one of them was recently and perhaps is still disease-ridden and the other is not.

These new plans for containing all that might spew from Donald Trump tonight do, of course, make one wonder why, if we always had the ability to stuff this man in a box and mute him, did we wait four years to do so. [AP]

  • In an October unsurprise, Russia is probably plotting some election shit. [New York Times]
  • Listen, Lara Trump, the dead cat didn’t even register to vote because he was too busy helping the zombie baby do murder in the pet sematary so just shut up about it, okay? [Politco]
  • Facebook is allegedly still on the front lines of the fight to make sure your parents remain as embarrassingly misinformed as possible. [Mother Jones]
  • Joe Biden promises to ask smart people what we should do about the Supreme Court, an old-fashioned approach to governmental problems ye likes of which we haven’t seen around these parts in nigh on four years. [The Hill]
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