Facebook Look Back Video Proves Walter White Was an Oversharer


Here’s Breaking Bad antihero/chemistry teacher/drug lordWalter White’s predictably funny/sad Facebook Look Back video.

It certainly seems from the looks of it that White never had one of those long, sit down talks with someone in the know about the importance of not “oversharing,” especially when it comes to aspects of your secret criminal empire. Spoilers in the video, for those that still haven’t seen the show.

FYI—I am ruthlessly obsessed with Facebook Look Back videos. I love them like my Aunt Cathy loves religious-themed coins from the Franklin Mint. I hoard the ones my friends make and watch them over and over, gleefully celebrating the moments that I either remember or was directly a part of. Because I am a huge, huge dork. Also, fun fact—my boyfriend didn’t even make it into my “Look Back” video. Facebook was like “whatever, girl; here’s 35 pictures of your dog sleeping on the couch.”

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