Facebook Now Keeping Track Of Your Town's Perverts


Good news, New Yorkers! You can now use facebook to stalk not only your college boyfriend’s new girlfriend who sort of creepily looks like you, but also high risk sex offenders who sort of creepily live by you. Well, the ones compliant enough to register, at least.

The Empire State’s Division of Criminal Justice Services has launched a Sex Offender Locator Application on its facebook page, reports Inquisitr. You can use the app to check the locations of registered level 2 and 3 (medium and high risk) offenders, simply by entering minimal identifying information into given fields on the page. Of course, the highest risk offenders are probably going to be a little more careful about making sure they evade state tracking, and if you try to look up sex offenders in Brooklyn, the entire borough should probably be covered by a giant red danger dot.

Still, Sean M. Byrne of the New York State Divison of Criminal Justice Services is excited about the paranoia-inducing web app, remarking that this will put more information at the fingertips of concerned citizens. There are currently more than 32,000 registered sex offenders in New York, and of those, slightly fewer than 20,000 are level 2 and 3 offenders.

Those interested in knowing the locations of level 1 offenders are invited to call the state’s toll free hotline and provide identifying information. Then we can all get together and have a gigantic terrified potlatch where instead of gifts we exchange raw, nervous fear and maybe take basic self defense classes.

Facebook and New York State now bring you a Sex Offender App [Inquisitr]

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