Famous Royal Baby's Tiny Fingers Revealed

Famous Royal Baby's Tiny Fingers Revealed
Image: (Getty)

In what seems to be an effort to maintain some semblance of privacy while still fulfilling the expectation that they share their incredibly famous baby with the world, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry seem to be splitting the difference by showing off the Royal Infant in sections: first a profile, then two feet, now four fingers and the top half of a face.

On Mother’s Day, we got a look at Archie Harrison Montbatten-Windsor’s preciously itsy baby feet, and on Father’s Day were treated to a look at equally itsy and precious fingers, both giant baby eyes, and a very well-shaped cranium. We’ve almost got enough photos to make a full baby!

It must be odd to have the whole world so desperate for a look at your child that his feet make international headlines. But based on the three photos we have, Archie seems like an excellent baby who probably dutifully purchased and gift-wrapped a new Father’s Day cravat and will sit through at least a polite brunch in order to thank his father for the past two months of service.

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