Fan Interrupts Ryan Gosling Q&A So She Can Propose to Her Girlfriend

In Depth

There’s nothing like a public proposal to get you in the mood for some holy matrimony. (Not really.) And especially if the proposal, as romantic as it is, comes 12 minutes into a Q&A session for Ryan Gosling’s new film at SXSW. Tears, joy, secondhand embarrassment you can reach out and actually feel—it’s all here!

Do yourself a favor and skip the first 11 minutes of this video, which is a pretty straightforward discussion with the audience about Ryan Gosling’s Lost River, which is apparently, according to the discussion, a fairytale about a princess who saves herself. The movie might be good, who knows, but you have to admit that there’s usually nothing more boring than a film festival Q&A where each audience member is trying to outdo the last in terms of the question they ask. It’s kind of like an intro to philosophy class, except everyone smells just a little worse. (As an aside, I have to tell you that my idea of hell is a never-ending intro to philosophy class where half the college freshman taking it are just shakily discovering critical thinking for the first time and giving it all they’ve got. But I digress.)

The last two minutes of scintillating conversation focuses on a woman who has decided, in the heat of the moment, to propose to her girlfriend of 11 years. Either Lost River is so good that this woman couldn’t stop thinking about how much she loved her girlfriend or the Q&A was so boring that she had to do something about it or the indomitable American spirit within her saw the screening as a perfect opportunity to take hundreds of people hostage and make the entire thing about herself (and marginally her partner). I don’t know, but I think it’s the latter. I also think that covering things like public proposals for the past year has made me just a little bit more jaded than cynical, so feel free to think this is sweet and wonderful. Inside, I’m just kind of feeling nauseated (and that’s only partly because I am currently in the throes of food poisoning).

Also, I think that was a yes, but I couldn’t be sure? Can we see a show of hands for who thought that was an acceptance?

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