Farewell Bill Nye, Who Rocked Dancing with the Stars Until the End


Despite the fact that he suffered a torn ligament and doctors suggested he not dance, dance Bill Nye did, on Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars. Nye did the Robot to the real song of the summer, Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” but despite his excellent song choice, he was eliminated, while Snooki remains in the running. Life is not fair.

That old man who is not a butler but a judge said that while his score didn’t reflect his “admiration” for Nye, he still gave Nye and his partner Tyne (real name) only a 5. Undeterred, Nye used the injury as an opportunity to educate the crowd about SCIENCE:

Although I am not an orthopedic doctor, I could see what was going on. You get hold of the tendon and if you mobilize it, it would be possible

Nye dominated DWTS with his creativity throughout the few weeks he was on it. His first week he danced to the theme song from Weird Science; last week, during the performance where he injured himself, he and Tyne danced the Pasa Doble to Beethoven with Nye dressed as Beethoven.

Goodbye Bill. As one half of team “Hot Knowledge” who regularly insisted upon educating not only the audience but your dance partner, you were too cool for this show.

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