Farewell to Sam Kass, Resident White House Hottie


That sound you’re hearing is the sound of a million bereft individuals throwing all the leafy greens they bought this weekend into the garbage, because White House food expert Sam Kass is leaving our nation’s most prestigious building. Big picture/bottom line: the number of hot people in Washington now hovers at a dangerously low number.

In a statement, the White House announced Monday that Kass will be leaving and moving to New York (HEYOOOOO) after stints as the Executive Director of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! initiative, White House Senior Policy Advisor on Nutrition and personal chef to the First Family. You may know Kass less by the impact his work has had on your life and more by his face, or the amazing Vogue spread he and his now-wife, MSNBC’s Alex Wagner, did for Vogue in January.


Both President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama praised Kass’s contributions to both the White House and our fine nation–they are quite good friends with him, you see, and attended his wedding over the summer.

“I love this family and believe in the work that we’re doing and the mission of the president and the first lady. But after being recently married, I have to put our future first,” Mr. Kass told the Wall Street Journal (Wagner lives in New York).

Not explicitly mentioned in most coverage of Kass’s exit, but sneakily hiding there alongside the text:


Top image via the U.S. Department of Agriculture/Flickr; others via AP/Getty

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