Female HBO Viewers Demand More Dong


Breast enthusiasts can always rely on HBO’s primetime programming to deliver all sorts of boobie shots — top boob. Underboob. Side boob. Areolas of all shapes and sizes. Nip slips. Bouncing boobs. Still boobs. Boobs just, kinda hanging out in the background. One boob, two boobs, red boobs, blue boobs. But male actors on shows like Girls and Boardwalk Empire aren’t similarly exposed; in fact, on the preeminent destination for cutting-edge TV, male actors abound, but exposed penises are an endangered species.

Finally, a group of concerned female HBO viewers/ comedians are asking the important question about the network’s disparity between male and female nudity: Where’s the trouser beef?

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(slowly, as if driven by an outside force, begins applauding)

(tears well up in eyes as applause pace quickens)

(rises to feet, clapping)

Brava, ladies. Brava.

[College Humor]

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