Female Pilot Gets Sexist Note From Sexist Passenger


A female pilot took to Facebook after finding a sexist note from a passenger after one of her flights.

Capt. Carey Smith Steacy of Surrey, B.C. was piloting a WestJet flight from Calgary to Victoria on Sunday. According to CBC News, After the flight, a napkin with this note was left for her:

“To Capt/WestJet: The cockpit of an airliner is no place for a woman. A woman being a
mother is the most honor, not as “captain.” We’re short mothers, not
pilots WestJet. Proverbs 31
PS I wish WestJet could tell me a fair lady is at the helm so I could book another flight! In the end this is all mere vanity.
Not impressed.
Respectfully in love,

Steacy posted the picture of the napkin to her Facebook page, along with this response: “To David. Thank you for the note, you discreetly left me on your seat,” she wrote. “I respectfully disagree with your opinion that the ‘cockpit,’ (we
now call it the flight deck as no cocks are required), is no place for a
lady. In fact, there are no places that are not for ladies anymore.”

The note was found by crew cleaning the cabin. Steacy said flight attendants told her “David” also asked them if she had enough hours to be a captain, because safety was important to him.

OK, now a disclaimer—as we’ve seen time after time far too often these things turn out to be hoaxes, perpetrated either by people desperate for some kind of attention or people just looking to have some fun with the media at the expense of the emotions of sensitive people who really do care about things like this. So I offer this story, the pilot and all those involved the benefit of the doubt, for now, along with a little bit of friendly skepticism. (Who knows; maybe this is all part of some insane new viral marketing stunt for the latest Jodie Foster movie, where she plays a no-nonsense pilot whose plane has just been boarded by terrorists. My imagination runs wild with these things.)

If David is real and he really did write this batshitcrazy note, I can only wonder just how long he’s been flying commercial airlines before he noticed that there are lady pilots? This isn’t a new thing, David! We drive cars and vote and all that now, too! Can you even imagine what will happen to poor David if he has to go the emergency room for something and ends up with *GASP* a lady doctor?

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