Finally, A Cute Shirt For Girls Who Love Math


T-shirt designers sometimes seem embroiled in a race to the bottom of the offensiveness barrel. However, one purveyor gives us hope with its cute new shirt for girls who get As in math.

ThinkGeek is offering its “No, I Will Not Do Your Math Babydoll” in women’s and girls’ sizes, because “You know what we’re too pretty for? Putting up with anti-intellectualism.” Likely a response to JC Penney’s now-infamous “Too Pretty For Homework” shirt, ThinkGeek’s fun and smart alternative is perfect for the girl who “could do her homework in pen, but she chooses not to, cause that would just be showing off.” Adds the retailer, “If a train leaves Chicago at 2 p.m., she’s the engineer.”

And just to remind you the world is still terrible, here’s the latest fuckery from our awful-shirt friends at Urban Outfitters. This garment not only advertises that the wearer is an asshole, it’s also really ugly (what’s with the bear?). One silver lining: it’s been reduced in price from $69 to $4.99. That’s some pretty revealing math.

No, I Will Not Do Your Math Babydoll [ThinkGeek]
UNIF I Will Cheat On You Crop Raglan Tee [Urban Outfitters]

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