Flower Girl Displays the Appropriate Amount of Pre-Wedding Terror


Pre-wedding jitters come in all forms, from Kevin Kline’s makeout sessions with Tom Selleck, to this reluctant flower girl’s full-on meltdown before what appears to be an otherwise placid wedding ceremony. Maybe she walked in on the groom, who is actually a lizard person pretending to be a man so he can spread his reptilian seed like a virulent plague across Earth, zipping up his human suit. Then again, maybe she just realized that weddings are archaic, terrifying ceremonies and decided, in a precocious fit of self awareness, never to get married but instead go on awesome spelunking adventures with her band of proto-feminist friends, which of course sounds like a great plan until she goes on a foolhardy trip into uncharted West Virginia caves and discovers a race of bloodthirsty bat-people, proving that, one way or another, we all eventually have to face our animal-hybrid humanoid demons.

via Buzzfeed

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