Flying Spaghetti Monster Image Banned at London School


In a heart-stabbing betrayal to devoted Pastafarians all across the globe, a school in London has banned the image of their beloved spiritual leader, the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The images of Flying Spaghetti Monster were banned at London South Bank University. According to the British Humanist Association, this all went down over some posters.

The South Bank Atheist Society (SBAS) said they had prepared their stall for a freshers’ fair (which is like an orientation fair of sorts) at the school, decorated with posters which featured an image of Michaelangelo’s Creation of Adam fresco from the Sistine Chapel. In their posters, as seen above, the picture of God is replaced by the Flying Spaghetti Monster. However, when they returned to their stall, the posters were gone.

Officials took the posters down and refused to allow SBAS representatives to put up more. Their initial reason? The poster shows Adam’s shocking man genitals which I’m sure no university students in Europe have ever, ever seen before; no way, no sirree.

OK, so SBAS members decided they would comply with the old prudes and blur the filthy offending weenus out. Oh but it turns out the school could actually give two shits about that. They deemed the poster offensive on religious grounds and barred the group from posting anymore pictures like it.

“This incident is just one of a catalogue of attempts to censor our
society,” SBAS president Cloe Ansari said.”I never expected to face such blatant censorship and fragile sensibilities
at university, I thought this would be an institution where I could
challenge beliefs and in turn be challenged. All I have seen is
religious sensibilities trumping all other rights with no space for
argument, challenge or reasoned debate.”

According to the Huffington Post, Student Union officials are investigating the incident. (Really? Do they just have better SU officials in England? At my school, our “student union official” was a guy named Randall who smoked pot all day and stole cupcakes from the commissary. One time, I saw him eat a can of Ravioli cold, right out of the can. Not the investigative type, for sure.)

A lot of critics of the move are calling it blatant censorship:

[British Humanist Association chief executive] Andrew Copson said:
“This silliness is unfortunately part of an on-going trend. In the last
few years we have seen our affiliated societies in campus after campus
subjected to petty censorship in the name of “offence” – often even when
no offence has been caused or taken.
“Hypersensitive union officials are totally needlessly harassing
students whose only desire is to get on and run totally legitimate
social and political societies.”

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