Foot Numbing Spray Eliminates the Pain of Horribly Fabulous High Heels


Finally, a solution to that dastardly issue of willingly putting yourself through pain in order to look cute, or hawt, or professional, or tall, or normal is only a spray away!

Plastic surgeon and Mage of Beverly Hills Dr. Randal Haworth has concocted Heel No Pain, a spray that basically numbs your foot for a few hours. The topical liniment allows you to more easily deal with the osteopathic nightmare that is delightfully rocking a pair of high heels.

Of course numbing the pain away doesn’t exactly address the whole process of restructuring your foot in order to jimmy it into a shoe (and then walk on that mess). It could, however, prove a formidable substitute for just getting drunk enough to not feel your feet anymore, or you know, wearing a more comfortable pair of shoes. Still, it’s only a matter of time before we see a spike in heel-related injuries from prolonged wear because people are having a blast not feeling the developing wasteland that is their metatarsi (and ankles and knees and pelvis).

The FDA approved product also comes in an Active version geared towards athletes, proving you really can have it all.

Image via AP

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