For Spring, Burberry Offers A Funky Mishmash With Chunky Shoes


The Burberry spring 2012 show — presented in London earlier today — was all about big wedge heels, big bags and deep, vegetable colors. Think eggplant, celery and squash.

There were lots of ladylike dresses and skirts for ladies with ladylike things to do.

The colors of the chunky shoes were positively autumnal.

Pumpkin bag; mustard wedges.

I don’t “get” this pattern, let’s call it “cubic vomit on a starry night.”

Ixnay on the acketjay. The turquoise leather trench will probably make a cameo on Gossip Girl. And of course there was a classic Burberry trench with a twist: Textured collar.

Two full skirts, one babydoll dress, one Muppet corpse.

Some of the spring coats were… Unique. Trying to be nice. Hideous was the first word that came to mind. I hate this murky color palette and the weird hemlines and the grody patterns.

But come next April, will we all be wearing anoraks and wedges?

Images via Getty.

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