Foreign Ladies and American Dudes Try to Make it Work on 90-Day Fiancé


Let’s hear it for international love: 90-Day Fiancé, a new series airing on TLC, follows couples as they “try to make it work before the visa expires.”

Over at The Hollywood Reporter, Lesley Goldberg breaks it down:

The cable network has ordered six hourlong episodes that will follow couples as women travel to the U.S. on K-1 visas to live with their prospective husbands for the first time. The couples must marry before their visas expire in 90 days or the women must leave the country and return home.

Obviously the couples deal with language barriers, cultural differences and some side-eye from family members. But in addition there’s the whole the-clock-is-ticking thing. Love on a deadline.

While the women hail from various locales — Colombia, Brazil, Phillippines, Ukraine — all of the dudes are white. While the knee-jerk reaction might be “mail-order bride,” the truth is, every couple has a story. Alan met Kirlyam on a Mormon mission in Brazil. Russ met Paola in Colombia when he moved there for work. Len and Alina met in a cafe in Ukraine. Still, from the looks of the trailer, everyone has a rough go of it.

A few key quotes:

“I am concerned how Paola is going to fit in.”

“She might have ulterior motives.”

“She looks like she don’t like my food.”

“If I wasn’t under a 90-day time limit, there’s no way I would be moving this fast.”

And perhaps most poignant: “America is not everything I thought it would be.” Welcome to the club, honey.

The series starts Sunday, January 12. While some previous dating-related shows on TLC — Sister Wives, Extreme Cougar Wives, Virgin Diaries — were about the freak factor, this show seems slightly more truth-seeking: Can love really conquer all? Even line dancing?

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