Forget Your Soccer Game, This Dog Needs Belly Rubs

If you have a dog, the one thing you know for sure about them is they pretty much think the entire world revolves around your love for them. Case in point: This dog who ran onto the field during a soccer game looking for some attention.

This phenomenon is compounded when there is a ball involved. All the dog thinks is “BALL BALL IS THAT A BALL DO YOU WANT ME TO GET BALL I GET BALL YOU TAKE BALL THROW BALL TO ME THEN I BRING YOU BALL YES OK I GO GET BALL WHERE IS BALL.” I firmly believe that aside from getting food or plotting overthrowing me in my perceived role of leadership in our home (so she can claim my side of the bed as hers) my dog’s only other thought revolves around somehow combining belly rubs with playing with a ball.

FYI I reached out to Dog for a comment on this video but all he had to say was “I ate an apple.”

H/t Uproxx.

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