Former High-Ranking Scientologists: Tom Cruise and David Miscavige 'Do Everything’ Together

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The Daily Mail has an EXCLUSIVE report about the “30-year bromance” between allegedly absent father Tom Cruise and allegedly absent husband David Miscavige, and it’s just suggestive enough to be satisfying.

They refer to Cruise as “a cigar-chomping gambler who speaks in a special Scientology language” with Miscavige, the leader of Scientology, and claim the two spend “huge amounts of time” at the church’s headquarters in Hemet, California.

Claims one former Scientologist:

“DM and Tom would socialize all the time. They would just hang around with each other in the evenings, go out to the lounge where there’s more comfortable chairs…It was a bromance – cigar-smoking, playing tennis, doing exercise together, out macho-ing each other. He even got DM parachuting with him…It was who could outdo the other.”

I wonder where Shelly Miscavige was while they were busy outdoing each other.

[Daily Mail]

Nicolas Cage may have been instrumental in the capture of a kidnapper, because he is a Nic of all trades. After a photo of Cage holding 15-year-old Alexis Boroviak’s missing poster alongside her stepfather “went viral,” police captured the 51-year-old who was holding her captive.

Writes TMZ:

[Boroviak’s stepfather] told us he thinks the social media awareness around Nic’s pic absolutely spread the word — and even helped him navigate some bad neighborhoods. He says while he was searching, people would recognize him as “the Nicolas Cage guy” and then stop to help out.

He’s found centuries of relics in Boston and a city of gold under Mount Rushmore, but it looks like the most important of Cage’s national treasures was… a young girl’s life.


These three friends hung out together last night:

  • Yolanda and David definitely broke up because of the lyme. [Page Six]
  • Lana Del Rey’s house keeps getting broken into, presumably because everyone wants to get high by the beach on her deck. [TMZ]
  • Blythe Danner can’t believe how quickly her daughter Gwyneth Paltrow got famous. Not in a shady way—in a loving way. [People]
  • Art Basel? More like Art Boring! 🙂 [Page Six]
  • Kourtney and Scott are back together, but she gave him “five rules to follow.” [Radar Online]
  • Here’s a thing I don’t like knowing: Olivier Hudson got a Brazilian wax because he was “promised things by [his] wife.” [ONTD]
  • Kelly Osbourne: “I’ve been banned from two parks in the area because this kid was mean to my niece and I yelled at the child and the child’s mother.” Two parks? Did you follow that kid’s mother to another park to yell at her for a second time? [Celebitchy]

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