Fox Affiliate Blurs the Boobs on a Picasso Painting


Pablo Picasso’s famous painting The Women of Algiers was sold for an incredible $179.4 million at auction this week and Fox News reported the sale—while blurring out the breasts on the historical work. Cubist boobs, man.

Painted in 1955 by Picasso and celebrated internationally, Fox 5 New York was first criticized for censoring the piece by Jerry Saltz, New York Magazine’s art critic, who tweeted:

Elsewhere, according to the Huffington Post, artist and author Gonzalo W. Benard called the blurred boobs “pathetic” and art critic Aruna D’Souza said, “Glad Fox News is protecting its audience from Picasso’s smutty mind.”

Between this blurring of boobs and Shelton High’s prom-ruining dress code, I feel like we as Americans should all yell out, “Humans have breasts! Sometimes they’re in paintings! Sometimes they’re underneath t-shirts! We’ll all survive anyway!” and move on.

[Ed. Note: This article has been corrected to show that it was Fox 5 New York, a local affiliate, and not national Fox News that was responsible for the blurred Picasso nipples.]

Image via Twitter and CBS News.

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