Frankie Muniz and Stormy Daniels Wrote a Song About Dennis Rodman’s Dick

The three are all castmates (and housemates) on VH1’s reboot of The Surreal Life, where Muniz says he saw "way too much" of the basketball star’s "dong."

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Frankie Muniz and Stormy Daniels Wrote a Song About Dennis Rodman’s Dick
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I’ve long imagined what it would be like to live (romantically) with Dennis Rodman, and the more I hear, the better it sounds.

In an exclusive interview with Page Six, child actor Frankie Muniz revealed that he’d seen “way too much” of the former NBA star’s “dong” during the filming of VH1’s reboot of The Surreal Life—so much so that he co-wrote a song about it.

The Malcolm in the Middle star is one of eight castmates in the seventh season of the reality show, which premiered on VH1 on Monday night after a 16-year hiatus. Joining Muniz in the house are Rodman, Manny MUA, Kim Coles, Tamar Braxton, Stormy Daniels (?!), August Alsina and CJ Perry.

Muniz, now 36 years old, says castmates weren’t privy to who their celeb roommates might be until they physically walked into the house. Not only was Muniz surprised to learn he’d be cohabitating with Dennis Rodman—fashion icon, NBA star, and one-time Big Daddy to Carmen Electra and Madonna— but he was also quite surprised to find himself looking directly into the winking, watchful eye of Rodman’s junk.

“It was just so shocking,” Muniz said of Rodman’s “frequent full-frontal displays” throughout the month-long production. “I’m unfortunately, like, Dennis Rodman-dong height.” Muniz, for reference, is 5-foot-5, while Rodman is 6-foot-7.

Rodman’s rod was apparently so memorable and ever-present in the house that the entire cast wrote a song dedicated to it. “We made a song about Dennis Rodman’s dong, and I hope that makes the show because that was really funny,” Muniz said, confident that their musical genius would go straight to “No. 1, 100 percent” on the charts if it was ever released as a single.

By the end of the experience, Muniz says he and Rodman ended up having a “cool little bond.”

“Dennis I think is one of the most emotional [people]. But he’s so guarded. He puts on this really tough exterior,” Muniz said. “But every once in a while, he would open up a little bit. And you’d get to kind of see why he’s Dennis, why he acts the way he does and all that kind of stuff.”

Fine, VH1, I will watch your little reboot, but only to hear the dong song.

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