Gemma Ward In The Great Gatsby: Fantastic Finger Wave Fabulosity!


Here we have a first look at supermodel-turned-actress Gemma Ward, in character as Catherine Wilson on the set of Baz Luhrmann‘s The Great Gatsby. And can we just say, HOLY FINGER-CURLS. We pretty much want everything about this picture. Catherine is the younger sister of Myrtle Wilson, Tom Buchanan’s mistress. In Fitzgerald’s novel, she appears just twice. She is described as having bright red hair — obviously, not something the film’s production design has emulated — and Myrtle once tells Tom, “She’s said to be very beautiful by those who ought to know.” In Chapter 2, Catherine attends at a small party at the Morningside Heights apartment Buchanan keeps for his affair, and she tells Nick Carraway that she’s “heard” Jay Gatsby is related to Kaiser Willhelm; that’s the night when Tom breaks Myrtle’s nose. Later, when Myrtle dies, Catherine turns up at the scene of the accident “stupid with liquor” and has to be driven to Flushing to see the body. [Grazia]

As part of the ongoing digitization of its archives, American Vogue has put all of its covers online. These covers at least prove that Vogue‘s obsession with greige predates the reign of Anna Wintour. []

Don’t Lauren Bush and David Lauren look lovely in their wedding portrait? The bride wore cowboy boots under her dress. Her grandparents did not attend. [Fashionologie]

This video of a tipsy Karlie Kloss — “now it’s party tiiiime!” — at the Victoria’s Secret after-party, talking about how she prepared for the show, is the last VS-related tidbit we are prepared to find funny and/or interesting for the year. Do you hear? The very last. And only because when faced with the inevitable “How did you prepare for the show?” tell-us-about-the-insane-diet-we-assume-you-must-follow question, Kloss sort of mentions being “athletic,” and then trails off and says, “And I’m 19, so, I don’t know. And I have legs that go on for days. I have 12 foot long legs. So, I don’t know.” That surely helps. [Fashin]

Astoundingly, a Benetton ad campaign is proving controversial. Everyone knows the Pope doesn’t kiss men! Like all Catholic church leaders, he prefers unwilling young boys. Jesus, fashion, get it right. Benetton is withdrawing that particular offending ad from its brand new kissy-themed “Unhate” campaign, which seems as good a reason as any to publish it again here. [WWD]

Andrej Pejic is on one of the cover’s of Out‘s new issue. [HuffPo]

Wow, Hailey Clauson looks so happy to be on the December cover of W Korea. [FGR]

This Albert Watson photograph of a young Kate Moss, which the supermodel once called her favorite from her career, sold at auction for £16,000. [Grazia]

  • Jessica Simpson says she’s probably going to deliver her baby while wearing 4″ Yves Saint Laurent heels. Not the heels she actually sells under her own brand. That would be so plebeian. [Us]
  • James Franco is going to direct a Seven for All Mankind ad, which makes about as much sense as anything else in these strange times we are living. [WWD]
  • Ah-ha: So it seems that American Apparel tell-all that’s been burning up our tips line is not to be written by Dov Charney or Johnny Makeup (although, attention publishers, one source says Johnny Makeup has written a memoir and is not such a fan of Dov just at the present time!) but by (former?) company spokesperson Ryan Holiday. He’s into Marcus Aurelius and Seneca, folks, and his emails are always entertaining, so we have high hopes for Confessions of a Media Hit Man. [GalleyCat]
  • H&M may not be able to get Tom Ford for a collaboration, like it wants to, but Thom Browne is offering. Or, at minimum he says, “I would never say never.” [StyleList]
  • Analysts blame Urban Outfitters‘ “bizarre” and “lackluster” clothing for its disappointing sales and stock slide. Also, that Navajo thing. “The shares have slid 27 percent this year, the biggest drop among U.S. specialty apparel retailers except for Aeropostale Inc,” reports Business Week. [BW]
  • Margherita Missoni is engaged to a race car driver. [Vogue UK]
  • More news of Vena Cava‘s parlous financial state: “According to a source close to the situation, the label moved out of their Soho headquarters this week and laid off a lot of staff.” [Fashionista]
  • Liliane Bettencourt‘s petition to have her court-ordered guardianship arrangement changed was turned down. Bettencourt, who is elderly, is engaged in a bitter legal dispute with her adult daughter over gifts worth a total of around €1 billion that Bettencourt gave to a much-younger photographer friend. The daughter says the photographer took advantage of an old woman, Bettencourt says her daughter is just counting her inheritance a little prematurely, and everyone has a shockingly huge lot of money because this is the family that owns L’Oréal. [WWD]
  • More details on the Marc Jacobs spring collection heist: the items taken are valued at £40,000, and they were stolen from a truck in London. The brand Tweeted, “See any chic truck drivers cruising around Europe dressed in #SS12 Collection? Get a pic & call 212-343-0222. Reward.” [HuffPo, @MarcJacobsIntl]
  • Limited-duration collaborations between mass-market brands and high-end designers have grown more lucrative — and more popular — in the eight years since H&M and Karl Lagerfeld pioneered the idea of the flash-collab. Reportedly, Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney, another early H&M partner, received $1 million for their efforts. Target’s Go International program, which mostly works with designers that are younger and less established than Lagerfeld, used to pay brands as little as $250,000 for a collaboration, but now deals generally include cash payments of over $1 million. Retailers like these collaborations not because they always sell out — although sometimes they do, and spectacularly, à la Missoni for Target — but because they attract massive attention from the media. [NYTimes]
  • Ann Inc. — the Company Formerly Known As Ann Taylor — had another good quarter: net income rose by 33.4%, to $32.3 million, compared with the same period last year. Same-store sales rose by 5.5%. [WWD]
  • Rich Tong, Tumblr’s almost hilariously inept “fashion director,” is no longer with the company. [NYObs]
  • And now, a moment with Australian model Shanina Shaik. Shaik worked as a child model, but turned down modeling offers that were contingent on international travel when she was in her teens. Shaik, and her parents, simply felt there was no reason for her to interrupt her high school education for a chance at a career that can be very inconsistent.
  • “I do believe that models should be older now. You tell girls to go and catwalk and be sexy, but some of these girls have never even experienced their first kiss, so they don’t understand how to be like that. And they grow up a lot faster, too. They’re not even enjoying it — or doing their schoolwork first. They’re not mature yet, and you’re sending them out into a world where there are promoters on the street, and men, and they don’t understand. They’re like, ‘Oh wow, these compliments!’ but they don’t understand yet. You need your mum or your dad around still.”
  • Shaik went to various Victoria’s Secret castings nine times over the course of three years before she was cast in a show, which she just walked. [The Cut]
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