Genius Purse Will Charge Your Cell Phone Battery


Watching your phone battery disappear as you’re out and about running errands is a modern inconvenience, but an inconvenience all the same. You are an important person with places to go and calls to make! You have business to attend to or, at the very least, you would like to text your friend a photo of the guy you saw on the bus who you think might have been on an episode of Vampire Diaries. Either way, you can’t have your cell battery hovering around 10% and soon, thanks to an ingenius design by Elizabeth Salcedo, you might no longer have to.

Salcedo has developed the “Everpurse,” a small clutch that, in addition to holding your wallet and melting chapstick, has a built in phone charger, which uses the Duracell wireless charging concept — it charges on a pad over night — in order to keep your phone juiced.

Hope you’re feeling chatty because that “my phone’s about to run out of battery” hang-up excuse is about to fly out the window.

Introducing The Purse That Charges Your Phone [The Life Files]

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