George Clooney's One Weird Trick for Cutting His Own Hair…Barbers HATE Him!

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George Clooney's One Weird Trick for Cutting His Own Hair…Barbers HATE Him!
Photo:Rich Fury (Getty Images)

Nothing about the pandemic has changed the way George Clooney gets his hair cut, because apparently he has been DIY-ing it—and I mean really DIY-ing it—for the last 25 years.

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Clooney revealed that he routinely cuts his own hair using a Flowbee, a contraption I’m just now learning of that the manufacturer describes as a “vacuum haircut system.” Doesn’t sound very promising to me!

The device has been around since the ‘80s, and had a brief moment of popularity around 2009, when the recession made some people turn to at-home haircuts as a cost-saving measure. My friend Tom McKay at Gizmodo gave the Flowbee a try a few months ago, with the hunch that the Flowbee might make a comeback with barbershops closed and some people’s reluctance to visit them after many of them reopened. It was, how do you say, not a success for Tom:

“Flowbee bills itself as a ‘Precision Home Hair Cutting System,’” Tom wrote in May. “After using it, I have come to think of it as a terrifying precision home hair disposal system. I cannot say if this is truly the Flowbee’s fault or the result of my own poor comprehension of user manuals, but I can confirm that I have much less hair than before.”

Tom is far from the only person to see less-than-stellar results with the Flowbee, and I can’t help but feel extremely skeptical of this bizarre admission from Clooney, whose hair is always extremely well-coiffed. Could it be sponcon? Quarantine madness? You decide!

Harry Styles’s instantly iconic Vogue cover was so popular, the magazine has ordered a rush job to print more issues.

“We sold 40,000 subscriptions since launch a little over a week ago, and have already ordered a second print run,” a source inside Condé Nast told Page Six. According to the tabloid, some stores have even started a waitlist for customers who wish to purchase issues from the second run.

I love this for Harry, and for the right-wing ghouls who had a multi-day meltdown over the cover when it first hit newsstands.

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