Gerard Depardieu Officially Does Not Give A Shit, Pees On Airplane Carpet


Today in people of note peeing in places they shouldn’t: The popular French actor put on the drunken performance of a lifetime on Tuesday when he pulled down his trousers and peed on the floor of a delayed plane — in front of 127 awestruck/disgusted passengers. According to witnesses, Depardieu demanded access to the lavatory, which had just been locked for take off. Flight crew informed the him that he would just have to wait and that the toilets would be open in 15 minutes. Obviously that was just too damn long for France’s greatest living actor, so he did his business right then and there. No word yet on whether legal action will be taken, but I’m sure the scorn he received from fellow travelers due to the extra 2-hour delay for cleaning was pretty bad.

The takeaway here: There are some situations in which the SkyMall catalogue is simply not distraction enough.

Depardieu Urinates In Plane In Front Of Passengers []
What A Pisser: Gerard Depardieu Urinates On Plane [E!]

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