Ginni Thomas Hits The Drunk-Dialing Jackpot


Clarence Thomas’s wife Virginia is making a big list of the contact information of tea party organizers around the country — because apparently someone thought it was a good idea for her to have a lot of people’s phone numbers.

According to Politico’s Kenneth Vogel, Thomas’s new job as special correspondent for the conservative website The Daily Caller will involve drawing up a list of “leaders from the grassroots in each state … who have their ear to the ground.” The Daily Caller will then use the list to conduct weekly polls. Explains Vogel,

In an email to tea party leaders on Thomas’s behalf, [tea party organizer Billie] Tucker urged activists to submit their contact information to Thomas for her “confidential list of those who will be polled” by the Daily Caller. Thomas “hopes that this weekly poll … will find that those outside the beltway are more reliable than the INSIDERS frequently polled by such established organs as National Journal, who does weekly ‘insider’ polls,” Tucker wrote.

Some critics think the wife of a Supreme Court Justice shouldn’t be so involved in partisan politics. Writes Vogel, “Ginni Thomas’s 2009 creation of a tea party non-profit group for which she raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in undisclosed contributions, as well as her subsequent creation of a tea party consulting firm last year, has become the basis for allegations by some liberals that her husband’s impartiality has been compromised.” But we’re more concerned that last year’s most famous drunk-dialer is about to get a whole long list of potential victims.

Virginia Thomas Builds Tea Party Network [Politico]

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