Girl Gets The Car She Was Born In For Her 16th Birthday


Johanna Kearns just got a very special gift for her 16th birthday: the red 1989 Toyota Corolla that she was born in. Yes, her parents waited a bit too long to leave for the hospital, and her mother Nancy ended up delivering baby Johanna while crouched in the backseat of the car. This Ohio family seems to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing, and they’ve even given the car a few nicknames, including the “Birthmobile” and “The Placenta.” All these years later, the car has 188,000 miles on it but is still going strong. Of the gift, Johanna says, “I like this car. It’s like my baby, even though I’m more like its baby.” It may be a little weird to drive around in the car you were born in, but it’s definitely better than driving around in the car you were conceived in!

Sweet 16 And Ready To Drive [WCPO]

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