Girls Season 3 Trailer Features Fewer Cupcakes and More Muffins


The trailer for Season 3 of Girls is out and it’s either an intentional or unintentional self-parody of how the show depicts the messy lives of twenty-somethings, depending on how much credit you want to give Lena Dunham and her crew.

For Season 3, it looks like Hannah and Adam are still together, Marnie is mourning Charlie (Rest In Peace Charlie), Jessa is coping with the fact that she is not very likable and Shoshanna is sowing her womanly oats, much to Ray’s chagrin. As previously reported, Jessica Williams seems to be playing a new coworker/boss of Hannah’s. Also the main characters all go to Fire Island maybe? Rough life.

Girls will premiere January 12 with two back-to-back episodes.

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