Girls Send a Hello Kitty Doll Into Almost-Space, Surely Igniting a Stuffed Animal Space Race


Ever build a model rocket? Ever play with a Hello Kitty doll? This video is both of those things, simultaneously, and the fact that a group of seventh grade girls launched Hello Kitty most of the way up to the Kármán line (the boundary between Earth and the mysteries of the universe) should encourage you to do something science-y this Saturday, like going to the zoo or digging up a public park in the name of amateur paleontology. This Hello Kitty space flight should also impress on you the distressing reality that Hello Kitty has visited space and you, unless you build your own ironic rocket out of old art history textbooks, will never visit space. How parochial you must feel right now.

7th Grade Girls Send Hello Kitty to the Edge of Space, Make Cool Video [The Mary Sue]

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