Gisele, Tom, & Pups Tie The Knot In High Fashion

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  • Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady were wed yesterday in Santa Monica. The bride wore Dolce & Gabbana, and so did her three dogs. [Us Magazine]
  • A source claims that often, and especially towards the end of the marriage, Guy Ritchie would call Madonna “It.” As in “It’s in a bad mood today.” And “We can’t make It angry.” This paper has a helpful illustration of Cousin Itt wearing a pointy bra. [The Sun]
  • Blake is no longer incarcerated! Amy Winehouse‘s husband got out of jail yesterday and says of the divorce: “It’s all going ahead – but I don’t really know what will happen.” And! “It’s just nice to be on the outside again. Now I am going to get over my drug habit.” Amy, who is still in St. Lucia, may return to London to try and “save her marriage.” Really? [The Sun]
  • Will Chris Brown go to jail? Will the charges ever be filed? Is his crime a misdemeanor or a felony? So many questions, not enough answers. [People]
  • Robert Pattinson and Hugh Jackman went out and did karaoke together in Tokyo. Ten bucks says they sang nothing but show tunes. [E!]
  • Daniel Radcliffe took a “mystery brunette” out on a date and the paps were there to make things even more awkward! [Daily Mail]
  • Remember how Jeremy Piven abruptly quit Speed-The Plow? A grievance hearing took place yesterday, but no agreement was reached. Will producers take it to court? [AP]
  • Piven says he dropped out of the play after being examined by a “Harvard-educated cardiologist affiliated with Yale.” So there. [TMZ]
  • Piven cried twice during the 20 minute hearing and said he’d been “incredibly sick.” [NY Times]
  • Producers failed to prove that Piven should not have dropped out of the play. [People]
  • Initiation ceremonies require Princes William and Harry to drink through a straw from a toilet filled with beer and strip naked to run the length of the runway at the Royal Air Force base in Lincolnshire. This is how you “earn your drinking wings” or something. [The Sun]
  • So you know the little girl who played Latika in Slumdog? Rubina Ali? Her parents had to be pulled apart after brawling with each other at her homecoming yesterday. A neighbor says: “They were hitting each other and tearing each other’s clothes off.” Apparently her mom walked out when Rubina was four, leaving her father to care for her, and her father called the mom a “money grabber.” Countered the mother: “I’m not here for money, I just want to celebrate the success.” [The Sun]
  • Crap: Azharuddin Mohammed, the ten-year-old boy who played young Salim in Slumdog was beaten by his father yesterday. He was tired from his flight from L.A. and refused his father’s request to leave their shack and face the media; his father started hitting him. There’s a picture of the kid crying. [Daily Mail]
  • Even though Jewel hurt her knees while rehearsing, producers are “desperate” to keep her on Dancing With The Stars. [MSNBC]
  • Early word is that Lil’ Kim is the one to beat on Dancing With The Stars. Can’t wait to see her costumes! [People]
  • Russell Simmons has agreed to pay $40,000 a month in child support to Kimora Lee Simmons. She has sole custody of their 2 daughters. And now: Gobs of cash. [AP]
  • Loving, loving Beyoncé’s hair on the April 2009 cover of Ebony! [The Life Files]
  • LOL: please just look at the expression on his face in these high school yearbook pictures of Will Ferrell! [TMZ]
  • Jodie Foster was caught speeding, and it was caught on tape, but the footage won’t be shown. Apparently she got “annoyed,” “angry” and “agitated” with the cops. [Page Six]
  • Critics are praising U2’s new album even as they critique Bono. Writes Washington Post‘s J. Freedom du Lac: “It’s becoming increasingly difficult to hear U2’s music without filtering it through your feelings about the other Bono, that strident, sanctimonious swirl of idealism, agenda and ego.” [Reuters]
  • If you’re interested in the 1996 audition that changed Edward Norton‘s life, click the link at the end of this sentence. [ET]
  • This is interesting: A film version of the musical Damn Yankees will star Jim Carrey and Jake Gyllenhaal. Who will play Lola? You know that whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. [Variety]
  • Not sure why this behind the scenes video of Mischa Barton at a photoshoot is so dull, maybe because she has the same blank expression in every scene. [BlackBook]
  • No idea what Woody Allen‘s new flick is about, but the cast is intriguing: Antonio Banderas, Freida Pinto, Naomi Watts, Josh Brolin and Anthony Hopkins. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Pink. Dolly Parton. Rocking chairs. For sale! [USA Today]
  • The conflict between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards has died down. So says Charlie’s younger brother Ramon Estevez, whom I did not know existed. [E!]
  • George Lucas will produce his first film, post-Star Wars. It’s based on the famed Tuskegee Airmen. [Fox 411]
  • The Coen brothers have a new film, and it’s a short, fake commercial slamming the coal industry. [Guardian]
  • MC Hammer‘s new TV show, Hammertime, will give viewers a glimpse of his life as “as a businessman, computer geek, proud father and husband.” No word on whether he is too legit to quit. [AP]
  • Jermaine Jackson is working on getting custody of his sons after one told a teacher that his mother had been slapping him repeatedly across the face. [RadarOnline]
  • This didn’t get a lot of press, but people in wheelchairs protested the Academy giving Jerry Lewis a humanitarian award at the Oscars because they object to the way he talks about “the cripples.” Producers actually tried to make sure the foreign press wouldn’t write about the incident. [Deadline Hollywood]
  • Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart will get a lifetime achievement award from songwriter’s group ASCAP. [Reuters]
  • Paul Newman was given a posthumous honour by the US Congress on Tuedsay. [Reuters]
  • Be honest: How do we feel about the fact that Eddie Murphy will play Richard Pryor in a biopic? [Guardian]
  • Blind item! “Which angry comic had a few cast and crew members fired from his hit show – all because they overshadowed him?” [Gatecrasher]
  • “I think that what I’m getting to explore is really the heart of a woman. And I can’t say that about everything that I’ve done. Or maybe I’ve explored the heart of a woman, but it’s been like skating on ice. You know, often you don’t get to swim in it. It’s an in-depth exploration, and kind of a close-up look at a woman, at all the different ways that she… I think in a way it’s about love. You know? It’s about love… all the different ways that she loves and whether those loves are acceptable or not.” — Holly Hunter, on Saving Grace. [The Daily Beast]
  • “I know that Ben Stiller for example, he watches American Idol and he’ll email me: ‘Hey, who got kicked off?’ you know, the night it’s on. I’m like, dude — I can’t tell you, sorry, you’re gonna have to watch. Coming up tonight on prime time!” — Ryan Seacrest, on Idol‘s celeb fans. [Mirror]
  • “It’s particularly distressing to me to observe that we’re fine with these young women, who it normally is, who are chased, stalked, put under siege by battalions of strange men who sleep in their car and follow them and take pictures up their skirts, and when they throw the dummy out or whatever, everyone thinks they’ve gone mad. I would defy anyone not to be affected by what is, I think, harassment really. I just think it’s slightly below a moral code that I have as a man or as a human being. To chase people, it just seems very bestial.” — Rupert Friend, aka Keira Knightley‘s hottie boyfriend, who is in two films of his own this spring. [Independent]
  • “I did not kiss her. She kissed me. We had fun.” — Teri Hatcher, on her on-screen smooch with Eva Longoria Parker for Desperate Housewives. [Mirror]
  • “At times I was incapable of getting enough oxygen to get my lines out on stage, and sometimes I’d forget where I was in the play. This misconception that I was out partying was wrong. My problem was that as soon as I woke up, I wanted to figure out a way to get back into bed.” — Jeremy Piven. [NY Times]
  • “Ty said he thinks his best chance of beating me is if I get pregnant during the show so I would be too tired to dance. Talk about a strategy! Of course, that would be fine with me if it did happen, so either way would be a win!” — Jewel, on competing against her husband, Ty Murray on Dancng With The Stars. [People]
  • “We pay millions and millions of dollars in tax. The thing that stung us [about the criticism] was the accusation of hypocrisy for my work as an activist. I can understand how people outside the country wouldn’t understand how Ireland got to its prosperity but everybody in Ireland knows that there are some very clever people in the Government and in the Revenue who created a financial architecture that prospered the entire nation – it was a way of attracting people to this country who wouldn’t normally do business here. And the financial services brought billions of dollars every year directly to the exchequer. What’s actually hypocritical is the idea that then you couldn’t use a financial services centre in Holland. The real question people need to ask about Ireland’s tax policy is: ‘Was the nation a net gain benefactor?’ And of course it was – hugely so.” — Bono, on the criticism of U2 moving part of its business to the Netherlands to lessen its tax burden. [Irish Times]
  • “If you get knocked down, setbacks in life, like applying for a job if they don’t hire you, keep trying, keep getting up, keep doing it. Don’t give up, that’s what it’s about. I’m so tough and so bad, I can be humble and lift another guy up.” — Mr. T, giving advice to the unemployed. [Mirror]
  • “‘Brown Eyed Girl’ I didn’t perform for a long time because for me it was like a throwaway song. I’ve got about 300 other songs I think are better than that.” — from 10 questions with Van Morrison. [Time]
  • “Hmm, [how to add] a sexy sizzle to your look? Well high heels are probably the easiest thing, I would say. Instant glamour. Walking around in them naked, you don’t need anything else really.” — Dita Von Teese. [Daily Express]
  • “I hope it won’t change anything in how other directors and actors work with me. I mean, the Oscar’s going in the loo, next to Sam’s. I’m not taking it on a set. I’m just going to work the way I’ve always worked, which is just to get on with it.” — Kate Winslet on her Academy Award. [Daily Mail]
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