Give Drake Some Water

Give Drake Some Water

Being cooped up for a near indefinite amount of time while social distancing can mess with a person’s brain in rather severe ways. Personally, I’ve begun doing all sorts of strange things: chewing gum while taking a shower, attempting to smoke from my bong while sitting upside down on the couch, crying about things my villagers said to me in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Rihanna and Drake, meanwhile, aren’t coping much better. It’s barely been a week of “shelter-in-place” regulations in NYC and L.A., and they’re back to flirting on Instagram. Please, somebody, anybody: Get Drake some fucking water!

Spotted by the eagle-eyed Instagram archivists at Pop Crave, Drake and Rihanna camped out on DJ Spade’s Instagram Live Tuesday night with the sole intention of ruining my day, and Twitter mentions. After Drake commented, “DUB PLATE COME PRETTY LIKE A FENTY FOUNDATION,” Rihanna responded, “Give Drake some water.”

Obviously, “give Drake some water” is among the funnier things Rihanna has ever said; she’s clearly used all that time spent not making an album to hone her comedic timing. I suspect, however, that it will definitely be the name of his next album—or, at least, splashed across an overpriced OVO hoodie.

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