Good Girl Gina Loves Anal, Cooking Pot Roasts, and Watching Her Man Play Video Games


Memes are cultural ideas that are passed from person to person, in a sort of Internet oral tradition. Or, you know, they’re photos of cats with shit written on them. Sometimes both! One of the most popular memes is Good Guy Greg — Good Guy Greg is rad dude who does nice things for you. He is a good guy. Good Guy Greg has found his female equivalent in Good Girl Gina. However, Good Girl Gina isn’t a rad lady who does nice things for you. Instead, she’s a disposable joke who loves sex, not having needs or wants, and basically being a Real Doll, but alive. I’m guessing the alive part is probably negotiable.

According to the Daily Dot, Redditor LaTex_fetish decided to scrape the popular image site Quickmeme to “capture the essence” of Good Girl Gina.”seeing what I thought was the hundredth Gina who cooked breakfast after giving a guy a blowjob while he smoked a joint and played Nintendo.” Her findings were more than depressing:

“So what can we glean from all this? If someone wants to be a Good Girl, then reddit already has it figured out. A Good Girl is an object to be lusted after. A Good Girl makes sure you’re sexually satisfied, either by her or someone else,” LaTex_fetish added. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go barf.”
In total, LaTex_fetish found 443 variations of the meme that sexualize or objectify women, 226 that praised women for being available for sex (even when they didn’t want to be), and 73 that depict women preparing food or drink.

Did I say depressing? Because depressing. A “good guy” can be so many wonderful things, but a “good girl” is pretty much a walking (that part’s negotiable) fuck buddy who loves to bake pies. Her polar opposite? An oversensitive harridan who loves to lie about being raped. Those are the two options for women in the land of this meme, that is all women are. Either a compliant sex toy or a lying bitch. It’s like these dudes have never known a real woman — I wonder how true that is for many of them.

Perhaps most offensively, they’re just not funny. There’s an attempt with Good Guy Greg to prove you’re smart and cool with your meme, to be clever is what gets you attention and gets your meme promoted. But with Gina, it’s cruelty and crass that’s rewarded. It’s predictable, tired, and boring. Part of me feels sad for the young dudes who are coming up with this shit — when you start to actually know women, you’re probably going to get a painful, humiliating crash course in what it’s like to be a person. As for the older dudes who do this crap? Knock it the fuck off.

How sexist is the popular Good Girl Gina meme? [Daily Dot]

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