Good Pink, Bad Pink, Hot Pink: Celeb Style on the ‘Barbie’ Premiere’s Pink Carpet

Nicki Minaj, Gal Gadot, Haim, and more attended the world premiere of the "totally bananas" summer blockbuster.

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Photo: Getty Images

As of Sunday evening, there exists a small number of people who know what the hell the Barbie movie is all about. The summer blockbuster has used its seemingly astronomical marketing budget to shove this movie so far down our throats that we’ve been shitting pink for months. (I’m not complaining!) But despite all the promotional material, the glossy profiles, the Architectural Digest house tours, and the millions of celebrities cast as Kens and Barbies, the most we actually know about the film is that it’s “completely bananas,” was pitched with a “super abstract poem,” and originally included a genius, jaw-dropping joke that was cut.

But celebs walked the pink carpet Sunday night for the world premiere, and initial reactions to the film are pretty promising. One reviewer called it “a triumph”; another said “it caught me off guard & I mean that in the best way possible,” adding that it was “funny, bombastic, & very smart”; and another tweeted that “while it wasn’t the home run I was hoping for” it still “made me think, HOW does this movie exist?” (There have also been multiple calls for Ryan Gosling to win an Oscar for his role as Ken.)

There are just 11 more days to go until we, the members of the general public, finally get to see it. In the meantime, enjoy these photos of celebs giving us their best “come on Barbie, let’s go party” on the pink carpet.

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