Google Naps Is Like Goople Maps For the Drowsy


If you’ve ever been caught between quitting time and late night plans, you’ve probably wished for a nearby bed to hold you over until party time. Enter Google Naps.

Recently a bunch of Dutch designers banded together and created the parody site Google Naps, which points out all of the sleeping spots near you. While the website is not officially affiliated with Google and you can’t actually search the nap map, you can check out what benches, parks and fields are close by as you zoom in and out, using your mouse.

Also, to offset any tech beef, the Daily Mail reports that the creators wrote a note to Google heads Sergey Brin and Larry Page that reads:

Please don’t be mad this is just a joke, a parody. We don’t mean to damage your brand or anything, we just want to bring a smile on the faces of Google fans. So please don’t take this to court, we only have a few hundred Euros in the bank. And we also don’t want to go to jail because we’re too busy with other things at the moment. ‘But whenever you are in the Netherlands you can have a nap on our couch if you want. We can also make coffee and bake eggs if you like that (for a small price).

It’s sad the nap map is a joke because in big cities, that could be a fantastically helpful invention. Yawn.

Image via Google Naps.

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