Google Unveils Nutritional Info In Searches


Somewhere beyond the half-way point in a pint of ice cream, I often ponder, “How much protein is in this thing?” Okay, it’s more like, “Should I just literally take a ladle this ice cream and dump it on my FUPA? Because that’s basically what the effect will be at this point.” But I’m sure the protein thought is floating around somewhere in my brain subconsciously or something.

In an effort to efficiently present humans with information such that our minds are free to wander in other directions (like what happens if you play an episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey backwards?), Google is rolling out a new feature to their search engine with nutrition info. Instead of turning to a shady Yahoo answer penned by some shut-in in Calgary, Google will clearly display nutrition info at the top of your search. How many calories are in this burrito? Is there sugar in this “butter” I’m about to pump on my gigantic bag of movie theater popcorn? Is butter a carb?

The feature will be rolling out in the U.S. over the next 10 days. Now that Google’s Voice Search is also a thing, you can figure this stuff out without even using your hands, meaning that you’re free to eat your greasy hot wings while you tell a lovely little Google-bot to look up, “How many more of these can I eat before I die?”

[Inside Search]

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