Grace Coddington Thinks Instagram Is 'Pathetic' (It's True)


Vogue’s creative director Grace Coddington thinks people posting about food all the time on Instagram are “pathetic” and she’s obviously right. But whatever, look at that cat. #cats #catsofinstagram #cutecats #catstagram #kittycats #catlove #catowners #catladies #meowmeow.

When asked about being booted from Instagram for posting a nude cartoon photo of herself lounging last year, Coddington told

“I hate Instagram, actually. I think it really interferes with people’s lives and things and it’s pathetic how everyone’s photographing everything they’re eating all the time. Everybody uses it instead of reading the newspapers these days. People want you to know that they’re holidaying in Greece. I mean, really. The first one I posted, my whole account got taken down because I was naked, which was ironic: It’s a goddamn cartoon!”

“I hate Instagram, actually.”

Other photos of the cat, Blanket, who looks kinda surly, upon closer inspection.

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Image via Grace Coddington/Instagram

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