Grant Bowler Gallantly Defends Castle Lohan from the New York Times

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Won’t anyone stand up for Lindsay Lohan in the wake of a pretty damning NYT article? Fuck it — Grant Bowler will. Contrary to anecdotes from The Canyons set that depict Lindz as a monster with a bullhorn voicebox and bullwhips for fingers, Bowler insisted that the star-crossed actress acted like a total pro on the Liz & Dick set:

I never got yelled at. We had a lot of quiet and intense conversations. We didn’t have that relationship at all. To be completely fair to Lindsay, that did not happen. She didn’t threaten me at all. We had a lot of quiet, serious conversations about characters and we worked very, very hard. And we both ensured that when we came to set, we came to set very, very serious. That’s the God’s honest truth.

Quiet and serious, now that sounds like the Lindsay Lohan we all remember from…that one movie, you know, where she’s a stripper ghost or whatever. [E!]

  • A new book called Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief purports to offer lots of lurid Scientology tales (it’s basically Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: Scientology Edition), like that one about how Scientology marriage agents invited Kate Bosworth, Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johansson, and Jessica Alba to audition what they were told was a role in the Mission: Impossible series, but what was actually the role of Cruise Wife Number Three. [NYDN]
  • Britney Spears is so close to signing on for a Las Vegas show that Wayne Newton’s hair is getting all frizzy and excited. The deal with one of the Caesar’s group properties will reportedly be more lucrative than Celine Dion’s $100-million deal. [TMZ]
  • So it looks like she won’t be needing Jason Trawick‘s $90,000 engagement ring anymore. [E!]
  • Kristi Horn, the mother of a Michael Lohan scion, says that even though the Lohan patriarch legally owes her more than $300,000 in child support, the two have reached a private, out-of-court settlement about child support payments that Lohan is totally on board with. I mean, he hasn’t paid up yet, but he will, so stop judging him, jeez. [TMZ]
  • Lyndsy Fonseca, from the movie Kick-Ass, has filed for divorce from her husband Matthew Smiley, also known popularly as “Some Dude.” [TMZ]
  • It’s not all divorce or creepy Scientology marriage arrangement in Hollywood, though — Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde are engaged to be married, and word on the street is that they’re going to have a cookie cake wedding cake. [People]
  • According to keen-eyed people who see many things, Demi Moore is dating Harry Morton, of the Hard Rock Café Mortons. [E!]
  • Lady Gaga‘s butt was fed up with hiding behind latex all night, so it decided to overcome its stagefright by peeping out during a concert in Vancouver. [Mirror]
  • Only Oprah has the interrogation skills required to make Lance Armstrong admit to doping. [Guardian]
  • Daniel [Radcliffe] is such a brilliant human being,” said Daniel Radcliffe’s magic-beguiled co-star, Juno Temple. [Just Jared]
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