Great Idea for Your Small Baby: Buy Her a 'Future Bride' Photoshoot

In Depth

Hell yeah. That looks cool and interesting, and also really sweet and just somehow right. If you’d like to purchase a similar-looking photo shoot for your own small baby, you should hit up All Seasons Photo in New London, Wisconsin, where the Facebook page explains their Future Bride photo shoots like this:

These little ones… will be married in 20-25 years…. why not capture a look into the future—- and a lifetime keepsake-

I agree! Here’s another look into the future slash lifetime keepsake:

It also works for older girls, too. Here’s an All Seasons Photo captioned “Miss Voight for now… wonder what her last name will be in the future?”

One final one for inspiration, where the girl is “sporting mommy’s ring.”

Adorable! Our tipster emailed us about these shoots this morning. “Pretty disturbing for a variety of reasons,” she wrote, but I disagree: it’s very cool to see parents advocating for queer poly love in this super subversive way. If I could turn back time, I’d ask my mom to spring for one of these for me—but not my brother, because that would be a little silly—for sure.

Images via All Seasons

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