Grey Gardens: The Movie Promo Is Here!


In the words of Edie Beale, “I’m pulverized by this latest thing!” But in a good way. Here’s the trailer for HBO’s Grey Gardens, and Drew Barrymore’s (sans lisp) accent is awesomely spot on.

The film (which is not a musical) will fill a lot of holes in the Beales’ story for their many fans, as it follows little Edie as she tries to make it as an actress in Manhattan, and how/why she returned to Grey Gardens in the ’60s. It will also show how the family dealt with the assassination of JFK (Jackie was Edie’s first cousin), the pair’s relationship with the Maysles brothers, and perhaps most importantly, how the house became so run down. It’s definitely a must-see for GG superfans who want to know more about these women. According to HBO’s schedule, it premieres on April 18.

Here’s a shot of the real little Edie for comparison:

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