Groundbreaking Movies Honored At The Snuggie Choice Film Awards


Yes, there is such a thing. And this week, the winners of the first-ever Snuggie Choice Film Awards were announced in New York. As the Snuggie breathed new life into the blanket, these daring filmmakers may have changed filmmaking forever.

The Winner
For their short Snuggie Rap Kidz, Dorothy Benson and her family took home 5,000 dollars. Plus, the satisfaction of knowing they’ve made grandma proud… and warm even when she reaches for the remote.

First runner up
Now that Jesse Meeker has schooled America on the proper way to use a bathrobe worn backwards with his film Teach Me How To Snuggie, expect to see everyone from clubgoers to rap superstars writhing in their “hella fuzzy” Snuggies on the dance floor.

Second runner up
Finally, we have second runner up Tara Deem. We find Snuggie Stud‘s surrealist plot and exploration of the darkness lurking beneath the soft, polyester covers of suburban America to be reminiscent of David Lynch’s work, and frankly, we think she was robbed.

Snuggie Rap Kidz [Snuggie Fan Club]

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