Hairstylist Leaves Client World's Most Racist Voicemail


An objectively horrible and undeniably racist New York City hairstylist named Marina Vance called a no-show client and left her what must be one of the nastiest, most racist voicemails in the history of telecommunications. Vance said, in part:

“I’m sure you’re a fucking nigger, ah, who doesn’t care for anybody’s time, alright? I wish, you know what, please, that you don’t show up for your appointment, ah, which is coming. Tifany with an ‘F,’ a fucking nigger, next time, or or a fucking Dominican bitch.”

The client, a woman named Tifany McIntosh who had been set to enlist Vance’s services for her wedding day (she says she missed a preliminary appointment due to a family emergency, not that it matters because did you see that voicemail), took a racial discrimination case to the NYC Commission on Human Rights. Somewhat unsurprisingly, McIntosh won. (In fact, the hairstylist — who seemed to have such a problem with people who can’t keep appointments — didn’t even show up to the hearing.) The bigoted stylist, whose name again is Marina Vance, will likely have to pay a $22,500 fine. [NYTimes]

Johnny Weir wears a corset embellished with beads and rhinestones in his first MAC ads. The skater is the face of the holiday collection, “Glitter and Ice.” [ONTD]

Pictures of Nicki Minaj’s OPI collection, due out early next year, have hit the Internet. [Addicted To All Things Pretty]

This mesmerizing concealer ad featuring Rico “Zombie Boy” Genest having is probably the coolest thing you’ll watch today. [YouTube]

This is what the cover of Jimmy Choo XV looks like. It’s a book celebrating the shoe brand’s 15th anniversary this year, with pictures of 15 “iconic” designs. [TLF]

The new issue of V features a fashion spread where male models re-create snapshots from their youth, like Brad Kroenig here. [The Cut]

Versace has reissued three of its printed silk shirts from the early ’90s. Strangely, they are still hideous. [Grazia]

Ali Lohan, in the guise of a model, is on the cover of a magazine called Fault. [E!]

This is Nine West‘s first perfume, Love Fury. [WWD]

Fashionista points out that Mattel released a “Van Gogh Barbie” in June, which looks strongly reminiscent of one of Rodarte’s looks from its spring Van Gogh-inspired show. Unrelated: When do we get a Claes Oldenburg Barbie? [Fashionista]

  • Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy have named their baby daughter Giulia. [HB UK]
  • Madonna is said to have shot the December cover of Harper’s Bazaar. [ONTD]
  • Get ready for Nicole Richie perfume. The reality star/famous offspring is entering the inevitable “fragrance” phase of her “career.” [WWD]
  • Prada might spend $55.1 million sponsoring another bid to win the America’s Cup. Prada’s Luna Rossa boat made the cup final in 2000, but were defeated 5-0 by defending champions Team New Zealand. The next America’s Cup is set for 2013 in San Francisco. [WWD]
  • The actress who plays Alexis Davis on General Hospital touched off a controversy when she Tweeted that the show’s costume director had been turned away from a Vera Wang bridal boutique in Los Angeles with the admonishment, “We don’t do television and definitely not DAYTIME television.” The actress Tweeted disparagingly about Vera Wang 17 times. The costume designer, Mary Iannacone, says, “Our audience, they claimed, was not their targeted market. Never once did I ask to borrow any gowns from Vera Wang. Our intention was to purchase, NOT borrow, so it was insulting to be treated like I was asking for hand outs.” Iannacone says the employees at the store told her to go to David’s Bridal. An anonymous source at Vera Wang HQ says the company would “love the exposure” of being on General Hospital and that the soap opera never in fact reached out. [Styleite]
  • Chanel owns a winery, so Karl Lagerfeld designed a wine label for it. It’s kind of boring. [WWD]
  • Dubai-based Paris Group, which bought the troubled Gianfranco Ferrè label earlier this year, seems to be running it into the ground. The new owners fired the designers, and have not replaced them. According to a source, “They have missed payments to suppliers and not launched promised initiatives to revamp the brand. The bankruptcy administrators have received over 160 letters from angry suppliers and unions representing companies and suppliers who haven’t been paid.” [WSJ]
  • Sephora, which is owned by Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, opened its first store in Mexico. It’s in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City. [WWD]
  • And Poland just got its first Gap, which opened in Warsaw. [BW]
  • And now, a moment with Tyra Banks, who went to visit a high school in the Bronx as a surprise special guest after said high school won a competition to raise its attendance rates. Then this happened:
  • “‘My name’s Chris, I’m 16 and I’m single,’ said a confident Chris Rodriguez as he got down on one knee. ‘Will you marry me?’
  • Spoiler: Tyra says no. [NYDN]

Image via Lindsay Dean/Shutterstock

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