This morning, your president Tomi Lahren reacted to a Buzzfeed story about a “caravan” of over 1,000 migrants, mostly fleeing deadly crime in Honduras. The Fox and Friends headline overlay read: “CARAVAN OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS HEADED TO THE U.S.” Tomi Lahren said: “build that wall.”

Less than an hour later, a puckered hobgoblin shitted out that same segment in a series of tweets:

So, any pretense of a softened stance on DACA is out the window unless Tomi Lahren changes her mind. On his way into church, Trump told reporters that Democrats “blew it” and that they had a “great chance.” (Chuck Schumer’s telling of one such “great chance” during a previous brief shutdown was that he had actually presented Trump with wall funding as a part of a DACA deal, which the president seemed to accept and then spastically rejected.) On the March 5th deadline to extend DACA, Trump blamed Democrats for not caring enough, tweeting, “Gave them 6 months, they just don’t care. Where are they? We are ready to make a deal!”

Trump’s threat to stop Mexico’s “cash cow, NAFTA” comes after Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto cancelled a trip to Washington in February after Trump refused to admit to America that Nieto does not plan to pay for the wall. Trump has threatened to use NAFTA negotiations to bully him into doing so.


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