Happy Thanksgiving: This Woman Just Ate the Bread She Made From Her Yeast Infection


Earlier this week, a brave woman made headlines when she took her vagina into her own hands and decided to see if she could make bread out of the yeast she found within. Good news: she could! Better news: she just ate it!

If you’re not caught up on your “women making food out of things they find in their bodies” news (why not?), you may have not yet heard of Zoe Stavri, a feminist blogger with a “perverse sense of humor.” Stavri, who recently came down with a yeast infection, decided that instead of just treating it, she’d try to make a delicious sourdough with a nice flaky crust.

How’d she get all that yeast out of her sarlacc pit of shame and into a baked good? Easy! According to Cosmopolitan, she she used a dildo to extract the stuff and mixed it with flour and water. Here’s a picture:

Obviously people got upset (just like when a woman made vagina yogurt) and threatened to boycott bread (which is stupid because bread is delicious), but according to Stavri nothing bad was going to happen to her if she baked and ate the damn thing. And eat it she did.

Here’s what the bread looks like done:

And here’s how it tasted, via Stavri’s blog:

It tasted like a pretty damn nice sourdough bread. Not the tangiest sourdough I’ve ever eaten, but solidly tasty. I really, really liked it. After having a little bite, I ate a slice with butter. The bread was still slightly warm and the butter soaked in and it was absolutely heavenly.

So now you know!


::drops mic::

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