Harvey Weinstein Has Allegedly Been Pitching a Documentary About Himself for 'When This Is Over', Is out on $1 Million Bail


No doubt Harvey Weinstein anticipated a big onscreen moment when he sanctimoniously carried two books to turn himself into the police on Friday: one on how Rogers and Hammerstein revolutionized show business; the other, a biography of Elia Kazan, a canonized director who helped end careers by testifying to the McCarthy era House Committee on Un-American Activities and was subsequently outcast from Hollywood, and his 1999 honorary Oscar was picketed. Poor him, poor Harvey.

Page Six is now reporting that a source told them he wanted a documentary “he could control.” They write:

Sources told Page Six that Weinstein was reaching out to industry sources to help him make the film, including one person whose medical bills he’d helped to pay years ago.

“Outside parties” are vying for documentaries, Page Six hears, but not produced by Weinstein.

He’s now out on $1 million bail, but at least we get this breathless Page Six report on his ankle bracelet which reveals that he will have to physically plug into a wall outlet for a few hours each day with an around 6-foot cable (a three-hour charge, says the product description). “He can sit on the couch and watch a movie,” the bail bondsman told Page Six. The whole thing weighs “about as much as a soda can” and makes a “screaming siren sound.” Still, Quartz points out that having your aquatic activities limited to the jacuzzi spits in the face of minor offenders who sit in jail because they can’t afford $500 bail.

He will plead not guilty to charges of rape, a criminal sex act, sexual abuse and sexual misconduct.

Rose McGowan says she would love to testify.

Enjoy the perp walk.

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