Hats Off For David Jones AJC Derby, Quite Possibly Best Event Ever

I’ve never heard of Sydney’s David Jones AJC Derby and I don’t know who anyone was. But it’s hands down my favorite event in the history of the world and am summarily moving to Australia.

The Good:

Laura Gleich’s Funny Face special is the epitome of 50s loveliness.

Kate Waterhouse’s retro-modern Ascot Gavotte is a perfect meld of shapes.

Stripe + pearls + chapeau + flowing red locks = chic eccentric, as modeled by Donna Stevens.

The Bad:

As Kelly Smythe shows, leather corsets almost never enhance an outfit. And when they do, it’s not at the track.

There is one thing I object to about Laura Dundovic’s outfit and you can probably guess it’s “her shoes.”

What Say You?

When it comes to Sandra Sully: one element too many, or eccent-chic?

Bizarrely fab, or fabulously bizarre?

[Images via Getty]

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