Heartbreaking: 14-Year-Old Stabbed Younger Sister for Being Ungrateful


A teenager in Illinois fatally stabbed her younger sister 40 times because she thought the 11-year-old was “being ungrateful”. She initially blamed the attack on an intruder, but later revealed that she was responsible for it, citing her younger sister’s lack of respect as the reason for her actions.

CNN reports:

The teen told police she was mad that her sister didn’t appreciate all she did for her, prosecutors said at the suspect’s detention hearing Wednesday. WLS was at the hearing.
The teen said she cooked dinner for her younger sibling and performed other chores. She was also angry that the 11-year-old girl had recently hit her.

It isn’t clear whether the teen meant to kill her younger sister, but according to prosecutors, the teenager (whose name hasn’t been released) “thought about it for about 10 or 15 minutes, then went downstairs and grabbed a knife.” The case is currently in juvenile court, but may be moved to adult court in the future. The teen is now in custody.

The murder has rocked the girls’ home of Mundelein, a suburb of Chicago, and was a shock to the other residents who always saw the girls as close.

This is heartbreaking all around, not just for the victim, but for the older sister who will have to live with what she did and for their mother, who has effectively lost both of her children.

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