Helen Mirren, Once Again You Have Our Hearts


And I don’t just mean the Perry-Brands’ multiple red-carpet PDAs! My love, at the Euro Arthur premiere, was all about Dame Helen.

I kind of love how Dame Helen’s pose says, “Tell me about it, Stud.” Is anyone more awesome? Has anyone made better sense of the cheetah blitz? No, and no.

We get it, kids: you’re in love. Seriously, they’re macking in, like 4/5 of the pix from this event. But — from what I can tell — this is a pretty, soft take on the whole blush angle.

The domestication of Noel Gallagher! And his daughter steals the show.

Jessica Lowndes lends a welcome pop of color.

I love a pattern: Greta Gerwig balances hers with a subtle palette. (Or, the designer did, anyway.)

Morwenna Banks subscribes to the Betsey Johnson school of eveningwear.

Maybe Geraldine James made this herself. In which case, A for effort! I, too, have wanted to use up the scrap bag, with decidedly mixed results.

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