Hell Yeah: NBC Plots Octavia Spencer Reboot of 'Murder, She Wrote'


According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC is working on a remake of the CBS mystery-drama Murder, She Wrote — with Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer in the Angela Lansbury role. Yes yes yes yes yes. Would watch.

Lesley Goldberg writes:

NBC’s take, which has been granted a put pilot commitment, is described as a reimagining of the series with a light, contemporary take a la Bones and Fargo, the latter of which is being reimagined as a limited series at FX starring another Oscar winner, Billy Bob Thornton. NBC’s Murder will revolve around a hospital administrator/amateur detective (Spencer) who self-publishes her first mystery novel. It’s set in a day where sensational headlines fuel the news and focuses on the character’s fascination with true crimes, which propels her to become an active part of the investigations.

Just in case you don’t realize just how much the ’90s are back, NBC is also remaking Remington Steele and Reality Bites. Usually I’d be all “Hollywood Is Out of Ideas Part MMMCMXCIX” but Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer solving mysteries? WANT. NOW. Also, if this show gets the greenlight (it’s just a pilot concept right now), it will be the second primetime network drama since 1974 to star an African-American woman. Scandal is the first since 1974. Question: Is it wrong to kinda wish they’ll let Chaka Demus and Pliers do the theme music?

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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