Hello Kitty, Mouthless Cat-Girl Hybrid, to Get Her Own Feature Film


Tuck your flasks inside your Sanrio lunch boxes, babies, because we’re going to the movies.

According to Deadline, Kitty White, known to most people and toy retailers as Hello Kitty, will make her global silver screen debut in 2019. And Sanrio, the Japanese lifestyle company responsible for her genesis, is planning quite the entrée. Company executives report that they will both produce and finance the film, with a projected film budget ranging anywhere from $160 million to $240 million, including P&A (prints and advertising).

If you need to bone up on Hello Kitty’s biography, her official Facebook page is at your disposal. But we’ve included the most salient information here:

“Goldfish,” Kitty? Well cool, that’s a little bit sadistic. And remember: the world doesn’t need to know your weight in apples. That’s your business, Kitty, and yours alone. Fuck the patriarchy.

Hello Kitty turned 40 last year, so plans for the film coincide roughly with her anniversary. And in light of her age, we’re left with one pressing question: how old will her love interest be?

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Top Image via Getty. Embedded Screengrab via Facebook.

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