Hello Kitty Practically Caused a Riot in Singapore


A lot of people in this neck of the woods don’t get Hello Kitty. I mean, they “get it” in the sense that most people acknowledge that the cat is adorable, but in Asia, Hello Kitty is a religious icon worthy of super kawaii worship.

Point and case: McDonald’s Singapore sold out of a Hello Kitty plush toy that was the last of its Fairy Tale collection. “The Singing Bone” Hello Kitty, which is a pretty badass skeleton version of the Japanese icon, was so hotly anticipated that lines started to form outside of McDonalds Wednesday night for the Her Majesty Hello Kitty’s debut. Several loyal Hello Kitty worshippers reportedly began fighting with each other in line, prompting police intervention.

Obviously, people were pissed that the beloved plush toy sold out, but as if to twist the knife in those who walked away empty-handed, it was discovered that several of the lucky owners of “The Singing Bone” Hello Kitty weren’t even true fans. The toys are being sold at ten times the original price by some assholes taking advantage of the purity of Hello Kitty devotion.

The McDonald’s Singapore Facebook page has become the receptacle of all Hello Kitty resentment. Some of the empty-handed Hello Kitty fans aren’t taking McDonald’s apology for fucking up big time lightly. “This is a sad day for Singapore,” wrote one, with another commenter admitting, “I went to work feeling that I was the most unlucky person on earth for not being able to even secure a kitty.

Now do you get Hello Kitty? Someone felt like the unluckiest person on EARTH because they couldn’t get “The Singing Bone” Kitty. You still don’t get it, do you?

[The Raw Story]

Image via Associated Press

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