Helpful Victoria's Secret Reminder: Even Models Hate Themselves


Chastened by public backlash over its grating The Perfect Body ad campaign, Victoria’s Secret is getting in on the body positivity game (going after, one assumes, that sweet, sweet self-esteem revenue) by putting together a short video of a model talking about how her bone structure prevents her from having a body as perfect as another Victoria’s Secret model.

The video is packaged as though it’s supposed to encourage women to accept and love themselves, but it’s really just one model talking about how another model is so totally sexy in an unobtainable way.

“Knowing your body type,” Sara Sampaio begins. “If I put a picture of Candice and like I want to have that body. Not in a million years I’m gonna have that body because my bone structure is not built like her amazing…” She gestures hopelessly. Then the video ends.

We did it, guys. We won feminism.

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