Here are 30 Unretouched Male Butts, Because Those Exist Too


Remember when Vogue announced that big butts were in and the world was only surprised about how out of touch vogue was? Remember when Refinery29 did a photo shoot of unretouched female butts in response? Remember when you demanded male butts as recompense? Well, here they are .

Fueled by the angry cries of villagers with pitchforks, Kelly Bourdet rounded up 29 men’s butts (and, presumably, the guys they belong to) and took photos. To remind us that they’re out there and also to once again celebrate the fact that all butts are beautiful. And because it’s Tuesday and we just need a little happiness in our lives.

Look at all the butts here. All The BUTTS! (I am looking at the butts right now and I refuse to stop.)

Image via Refinery 29

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